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good morning. i'm bob redell. we'll take you live to union city where police are trying to figure out how a young man spends his final hours in a trash can outside of house of a family friend. that story coming up. bay area veterans are getting a stable, clean place to stay starting today. we will give you a look inside a housing complex many will soon be calling home and what veterans hope it will do for their lives. and facebook is making the bay area one of the richest cities. we will show you what is behind the cash infusion. plus, put down that burger. you may be shunned in one california city. and a live look outside spanning over the south bay. that is san jose. christina loren will tell you about the crisp day outside. the news at 11:00 starts right now.
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good morning. thanks for being with us. i' i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. union city police investigating a bizary hiizarre death. a young man stuffed in a trash can. we have bob redell with more. >> reporter: good morning, jon. we know the lady who lives in the home behind me on tenth street made the discovery sunday morning at 11:00. as she took out the trash, she noticed a bin that wasn't hers. she found a man slouched, feet at the bottom and head at the top. she recognized him at 21-year-old joshua perez. a family friend whom she watched grow up as a kid and sometimes stayed at her house. she and other family members tried to wake him.
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he was unresponsive, but still alive, but arrived at the hospital and later died. >> he was a good uncle and good brother to me. he was a good son. he didn't deserve to be put in a trash can. he's not garbage. >> reporter: that's joshua's older sister who is still trying to figure out what happened to her brother saturday night/sunday morning. union city police are not calling this a homicide yet. rather a suspicious death. investigators and family believe that joshua was out with friends drinking that mighnight. they are looking to see if he had a degree of hypothermia. it was cold out saturday night. how he ended up in the trash can is a question mark. >> i want someone to come forward and say something.
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if you were my mom's friend and if you are our friend and you cared about my brother, why would you be scared to talk? what's the problem? >> reporter: union city police, we spoke with them this morning, they say they have spoken with some of the people and interviewed some of the people who were with joshua perez that night. they believe there are others that have not come forward to talk. they are trying to figure out how he died. reporting live here in union city, bob redell, nbc bay area news. thank you, bob. a driver and passenger are safe after a devastating crash sent their suv flying off a freeway overpass. look at the picture of the car. the driver was heading south on the appian way overpass in pinole when he crashed in the
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guardrail and fell on i-80 below. investigators say the 20-year-old driver and his 21-year-old passenger suffered only minor injuries. the cause of that crash is still under investigation. >> that is hard to believe. the owner of a house that exploded in indianapolis left wondering if a faulty furnace may be a cause of a blast that kills two people while destroying two blocks of the neighborhood. that happened late saturday night and felt for three miles away. take a look at all that mess. along with killing two people, at least seven were injured. two homes were completely levelled and as many as 80 homes were affected. 30 with major damage. detectives and federal atf agents on scene searching for clues. >> we are looking at the houses and making a ring. >> the damage right now being estimated at $3.6 million.
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two nursing home residents are dead and four others are in the hospital after eating poisonous mushrooms. they were in a soup served at the gold age facility near sacramento. the woman who made the soup is a care giver there. she is one of the four people sick in the hospital. investigators say she didn't know the wild mushrooms, which grow on the property, were poisonous. some neighbors cut the mushrooms down as a precaution. >> you get the button mushrooms or the great big toadstools. you can't eat those. those are poisonous. we cut them down because the dogs get them and they get sick. >> the california department of public health has warned against eating wild mushroomis for year. marla, here is good news to report. menlo park police found a stolen minivan and suv outfitted for a
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woman who uses it for her wheelchair. the woman reported it missing from her menlo park home last week. the police found the vehicles last saturday in redwood city. striking grocery workers are back at the bargaining table. talks resumed yesterday morning after a week of strikes. both sides are at odds over wages and benefits. the supermarket chain needs to eliminate health care benefits to compete. workers say they cannot afford to go without health care benefits. there are about 40 stores in the bay area affected by this strike. the union says the picket lines will continue until a deal is reached. as americans celebrate veterans day, some vets in san francisco are getting a boost. a housing complex opened this morning in the city's south market neighborhood. aiming to help homeless veterans
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get back on their feet. we have christie smith right now with the look at the project. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. the open house is getting under way as we speak. this is the room where a lot of folks right now are mingling. among them, homeless veterans coming to check it out. it's new and bright and offers a lot of services that they need to get by and soon they call it home for good. >> being able to have the responsibility of keeping a roof over my head, which is a great blessing to me. >> reporter: army veteran ron jones is living on treasure island. what he is looking forward to most is moving. >> this is for our vets. it will be veteran oriented and a lot of other vets around me. this is a whole different vibe. i have my own bathroom and my own kitchen. it's really exciting. >> reporter: this is veterans commons in san francisco where jones and 75 other homeless
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disabled vets will call home. clean studio with a kitchen and bath. >> places that are available to them are seedy and in crime-infested areas of the city. this makes a huge difference in our ability to meet their needs. >> reporter: the non-profits is helping to run the housing complex which will offer counselling and cooking classes and more. after a $30 million makeover paid for through state and local and federal funds. with two recent wars, it is in the forefront. >> there is a lot of public support for them which did not happen for vietnam veterans. that's who we are talking about moving in here. thankfully the support we are finally getting is raising those. >> reporter: for jones, he hopes his struggles with drugs and
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alcohol and homelessness ends here. >> i hope to avoid the same lifestyle i led. thank you, christie. thousands line the streets of san jose for the veterans day parade. those boots on the ground at the cesar chavez plaza. many served in iraq and korea and vietnam and world war ii. >> we do it to honor the vets and vets serving now. >> many in the crowd say support for the troops is very strong, there is a lot that needs to be done to help the veterans and families. a church in san francisco is receiving its first shipment of turkeys. a aaa tow truck is delivering turkeys around the bay today.
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glide operates one of the busiest soup kitchens in the area. i see sunshine out there, christina loren. how are temperatures lining up for that? >> old man winter arrived early. temperatures were 15 to 20 degrees below average. we will get more clouds to wake up with tomorrow morning. a blanket of clouds. starting with a crystal clear look at downtown san francisco. just a beautiful day if you want to make your way outdoors and honor any of the people who serve this great nation. our temperatures will climb into the 50s to the mid-60s. the main story are the 70s that we will experience as we head through the next couple of days. it will be really nice tuesday through thursday. at the end of the week, it starts to get active again. rain and colder weather and it will last all the way through the weekend into next week.
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don't get too used to it. the 70s will be here for the next three days. >> thank you very much. talk to you soon. what started as a sex scandal now turns into a serious security scare. we'll have more on the fallout over the resignation of the cia chief and four-star general david petraeus just ahead. you may want to bundle up or grab the snowboard. there is snow on the slopes. and facebook hands out cash to another peninsula city. this time one of the wealthiest. is it already time for a new phone? we will take a look in business news. we will give you a shot at the san bruno cam. the temperatures jump up and bite you. more coming up in a matter of minutes. alright let's break it down.
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we are following breaking news out of dublin. a gas leak forced a target store to evacuate. just before 10:00 this morning, a construction crew with a backhoe hit a gas line that forced the evacuation. this happened on dublin boulevard. the target store had to be evacuated. there are no reports so far of any injuries. the gas, we're happy to report, appears to be dissipating. we are learning more about what sparked the fbi investigation that led general david petraeus to resign his post as cia director as top lawmakers question the timing of this. officials say petraeus was never under investigation. it began with a close friend of the petraeus family identified overnight as jill kelly. officials say kelly was receiving threatening e-mails from paula broadwell.
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petraeus' mistress. it was during the investigation that fbi agents discovered the extramarital affair. on capitol hill, lawmakers want to know if the investigation wrapped without criminal charges before the election and why president obama wasn't told until after. >> to have someone out there in a sensitive position who the fbi thought who have compromised or under the scope of an fbi investigation or who may or may not have been having an affair at the time, that had to be brought to the president. >> also worth noting, petraeus was scheduled to testify before congress this thursday about what led to the deadly attack in benghazi that killed four americans. he expected to be replaced by the cia deputy director, but he could be called to testify at a later date as a civilian. on to business and tech now. less than 60 days of the first iphone 5 sales, rumors of a new
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iphone. scott mcgrew has that. >> apple is working on the production of the iphone 5 s to replace the aging iphone 5. the tech blog points out the commercial time is not only dependable for manufacturing news, but there will be a new iphone eventually, so why not iphone 5 s? taking a look at the markets, apple is down again this morning. apple has struggled. it had an okay day on friday, but other than that, it has been tough on apple. the markets are staying fairly close to the break even point. a quiet day. they are open though it is veterans day. the swedish furniture retailer ikea has been accused of using german prisoners to build
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furniture back in the '80s. the documentary alleged it was common practice for european companies at the time. ikea has hired outside auditors to find out if the allegations are true. back to you. scott, thanks so much. >> christina loren is back. we have cool temperatures and snow in some areas. a bit of everything. >> a little bit of everything. you call it a smorgasbord. a beautiful day shaping up. this is deceptive sunshine. we are headed to the mid-60s and a warmer day than yesterday. 56 in san francisco. 56 in livermore. 56 in san jose. winds are shifting. this is what will bring about warmer days. in livermore, 13 winds. 9 in fairfield. winds out of the west in oakland at 6 miles per hour. that will shift to the northeast as we head through the next
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couple of days. we will warm up as a result into the 70s. 64 degrees for today in livermore. 63 in fremont. 64 in redwood city. a tricky forecast for tonight. an area of low pressure. we are expecting showers up in the north bay as the tail end springs swings through. high pressure builds in and this builds in quickly. bringing about 70s at the coast as we head into the mid section of this week. it is also going to bring about that fog. keep that in mind. we will see patchy fog as we wake up each morning all the way through the end of the week. 70 degrees for tuesday. 72 degrees on wednesday. we hold on to the beautiful 70 degree weather all the way through thursday and then the rain arrives. first system comes through thursday into friday. this is a weak system. we're expecting a few showers and then a cold storm will drop in saturday and sunday and
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monday from the gulf of alaska and bring in heavy rainfall on monday. back to you. >> as christina loren tells us, all that cold weather here means snow on the slopes. for a record, 28 inches of snow has fallen in the sierra nevada. alpine meadows with 19 inches at the base and squaw valley with 19 inches. the look at the snow under those sunny skies. it is one of the two resorts open in california. it is reporting 14 to 18 inches of snow. the other is mamouth mountain. the earliest opening of the season. mountain high opening up yesterday with about 1.5 feet of
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snow of natural and man made snow. good stuff. to italy now where flood waters are wreaking havoc over venice. water levels raised to 5 feet. this is venice's sixth highest mark since records were kept 150 years ago. barriers were in the works for years, but they will not be operational until 2014. >> along with waders, they need swim caps. facebook cash. we will let you know why facebook is handing out money to one of the wealthiest cities in the bay area. the heartwarming story that is nine lives in the making. how a chip reunited a peninsula family with their long lost pet.
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safeway. ingredients for life. well facebook is becoming something of an atm for neighboring cities in the peninsula, including one of the smallest and wealthiest cities in the area. "the sacramento bee" reports they have given $350,000 due to traffic concerns in menlo park. the town of 7,000 people is in no rush to spend that money. in fact, it is not sure what the money will be spent on at all. east palo alto got $650,000 to deal with traffic concerns. menlo park has received $1.1 million are as well.
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first new york city bans trans fats and giant sodas. now los angeles is encouraging meatless mondays. the l.a. city council adopted a resolution encouraging people to go vegetarian on mondays. it's not a law. it is all on a voluntary basis. the plan is to help reduce the intake of saturated fats. >> that's not bad. >> a healthy move. a cat returned as if by magic. we'll have his remarkable reunion six years in the making just ahead.
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welcome back now. taking a lovely live look over mt. tam. a beautiful day shaping up. a touch warmer than yesterday. the climb is on through thursday. the 70s return. friday into the weekend, the rain comes back into the mix.
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we're talking about heavy showers sunday into monday. back to you guys. thank you, christina. we end with a remarkable reunion with a missing cat in the bay area. >> a missing cat gone for six years. they finally found him. it was by magic. the feline's name is magic. he went missing when his homeowner moved from cupertino to los altos. he put up signs, but no sign of him. six years later, a man saw him and called animal control. they used his micro chip to reunite him with the owner. i'm sure the homeowner was happier than the cat shows in the pictures. >> join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00.
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